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July 01, 2007

The Latest In Candle Making Products


The Latest In Candle Making Products

Like any business, hobby or craft there are constantly new products introduced to help make the candle making process a little bit easier.  As a beginner or experienced candle maker, it is always difficult to determine if the product will actually make the process easier for the user.

In this issue, we will explore some of the newer products that have been launched in the last number of years, and how they are used. Several of the products have been around longer then others but are still worth reviewing because for many, they are still new.

Votive Pin
While it is not one of the newer products on the market, it should definitely be considered if you are looking for an easier way to make votives. The Votive Pin M-63-P is a great product to help ensure the wick is centered in your finished candle. The votive pin is placed into the votive cup, pour your wax and top off as normal process. When the wax is hard, remove the candle and slide out the pin, and insert a prewick assembly. By having the hole preformed, it lets you use cotton wicks, paper and other wicks that in the past were not rigid enough to use. Having the wick perfectly centered also vastly improves the burning properties of the candle.

Pillar Pin
Similar to the votive pin is the pillar pin, which is available for round aluminum molds 2”, 3” and 4” in diameter.  These improve the ability to wick the molds faster then the traditional way of plugging the hole in the bottom of the mold and securing at the top. An added bonus, again, is that it will ensure that the wick is centered throughout the candle.

Wick Stick
In containers, the development of the wick stick is a great way to ensure the wick will stay centered in the container. The wick stick functions best when your wax formulation requires topping off.  Take a prewick assembly and slide it into the tube, and then place in your container.  The sleek plastic top will hold the tube straight as the wax sets up. Before the wax completely hardens, slide the wick stick out and fill in the cavity.

Glue Dots
Another relatively new product to improve the container candle are glue dots. These are preformed tacky glue dots about the size of a nickel that help hold the prewick assembly in the container during the manufacturing and burning process. Ensuring the wick stays centered in container is critical especially as the candle burns to the bottom. If the wick base is able to slide around the wick, it can come in contact with the glass creating a “hot spot” on the glass. 

Miracle Mold Material
One of the most recent and unique products is the Miracle Mold Material. We launched this in February, and candle makers and soap makers are finding this an excellent wax to launch new candles and develop specialty products at a very competitive price. The Miracle Mold Material is easy-to-use putty that is sold in two parts and sets up just like silicones and/or polyurethanes. You simply take the two parts, mix together by hand and form the putty around the object. 

Custom Blends
The development of blends has dramatically changed the process for candle makers of all sizes. The blend has simplified the process for many individuals making candles for the first time. By using a blend, it allows the candle maker to focus on the other aspects of the process including selecting the proper wick, fragrance combinations and colors. Larger manufacturers rely on blends to help reduce labor cost in not having to formulate their own waxes. Some typical examples of the blends are the CBL-125, which is a “low shrink” wax for containers, and the CBL-141, which is a fully formulated wax for superior pillars.

It is an exciting time these days with newer products also being launched like new Soy waxes and palms. If you haven’t tried any of these products, the summer time is a great time to test.


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.


I have never made a candle. Can you please tell me how to get started?

Without question, this is the most frequently asked question I get, and the one I always have the most difficult time responding to.

As I always like to say, “There is not a right or wrong way to make a candle if the candle is being made safely and results in a safe burning candle.” 

Inevitably,  there is some type of initial research by the “future candle maker,” which should be undertaken to learn the basics. I have always offered the following:

Finally nothing beats getting in and trying the process. Two of my favorite kits:

July 2007

Making votives with votive pins



Step 1
Insert votive pin into votive mold.

Step 2
Heat wax to 180 degrees F and stir in color.

Step 3
Let wax cool to desired pouring temp.

Step 4
Add 4% to 6% fragrance.

Step 5
Fill mold/pin with wax.

Step 6
Remove pin by carefully tapping.

Step 7
Insert wick assembly into candle.




Ancient Egyptians recognized the value of beeswax as a preservative, and early Romans fashioned coins from beeswax to pay their taxes. Invention of the candle dates back to about 400 B.C., but the idea to use beeswax to form candles didn't emerge until the Middle Ages.


Editor Note:
Boy, weren’t the good old days great. If only I could pay my taxes with beeswax now.

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