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May 01, 2010

Creating a White Castle Opportunity


Creating a White Castle Opportunity

It is hard to believe that school will soon be ending and the summer will be upon us. As we all know the candle business can really slow down and for many they go into hibernation. While business can be slow it can also be a great time to get things done that you may have been putting off or jump start your “Marketing Campaign” and really start to build your brand.

One of the most interesting candle stories that I have seen in years involves White Castle. I am not sure if anyone in their wildest dreams would think White Castle Hamburgers would be an inspiration for the candle industry for all good reasons but in my opinion they have achieved this status. Several weeks ago it was announced that White Castle was offering a candle that smelled like one of its freshly grilled burgers, including the onions. The candle is packaged in a ceramic version of the famous White Castle cardboard sleeve.

We found this story to be very interesting and heart warming. The best part of the story is that all of the proceeds from the sale of the candle will go to benefit Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy group based in New York.

But beyond that it has generated a plethora of news and publicity for the hamburger chain that I am not sure they even thought could be achieved. Because the scented candle was so far removed from what White Castle does it has made its way into many news streams and because of this they have received extensive free advertising. It was such a "newsworthy" item it even made it’s way into Saturday Night Live in the same night as Betty White. The candle is so popular it has sold out online and now the only place to get the candle was in the restaurant locations. Think about in addition to the advertising they have received consumers will now need to go to one of their locations to get the candle and in all likliehood when they arrive will have to get some type of meal. I am not sure how the executives at White Castle have viewed the campaign but I would have to think that it was an absolute home run for all parties. As our avid readers know we have written on a number of intriguing subjects and the subject of White Castle and candles might be the most interesting.

Granted White Castle already has a very large name recognition and unique status but the purpose in writing about this is that it is always important to get people to notice your business. Today’s world offers so many opportunities to get free publicity and self promotion that did not exist previously and they must become part of your marketing campaign.

Without doubt one the least expensive ways to get free marketing is the current trend in social marketing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. These venues allow you to start developing your own list of fan's and communicate with them on any type of regular basis you would like. The summer months are a great time to research these sites to find out if they will work for you and start getting "fans" and potential customers to sign up.

Summer Camps are always looking for new projects. Possibly contact local coordinators and offer to come in and teach candle making. Craft shows and festivals are in full swing during the summer months and provide an excellent opportunity to get your name in front of a large audience. These fairs also offer a great opportunity to "clear out" old inventory at distressed prices, test out new fragrance/jars and types of candles. In addition to maximizing your selling opportunities also use this time to start building your database. Be sure to have something to offer that will have potential customers sign up for your mailing list. Have a raffle for a basket of candles, offer a free votive for anyone signing up for your mailing list or even a gift card from a local business. The key is to have some type of interaction with people at these shows.

The opportunities to market candles can be endless and let’s hope we all find the next "White Castle Opportunity". If you need further evidence of how popular this candle has become Google "White Castle Candle” and see for yourself. And if that is not convincing enough you know you have made it when a candle that sold for $10.00 is available for prices exceeding $75.00 on Ebay. If you have an exciting idea that you think is worthy please share and we will feature the best 1-2 in a Fall issue of our Enlightner.

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When I use the Custom Wick Builder it ask me to chose a sustainer base, is that an important part of the wick assembly?

Yes it is very important and I would refer to our chart that we have for the different types and the recommended application.  The first number always refers to the size of the base and the second number is the neck height which helps support the wick.

15 x 3 mm -- is a sustainer base which is about the size of a dime and has a neck height of 3 mm. This sustainer base is generally used in tea lights and small unscented votives.

15 x 6 mm -- is the same as above except the neck on this sustainer base is 6 mm high. This base is very popular to use in votives and small diameter containers for paraffin wax candles. It is used with gels but we would recommend a sustainer base with a 9 mm neck.

15 x 9 mm -- is the same sustainer base as above except the neck is 9 mm high. This sustainer base is very popular for use with gels and paraffin candles.

20 x 3 mm -- is a sustainer base about the size of a nickel with a neck height of 3 mm. This sustainer base is used extensively in votives and containers.

20 x 6 mm -- is the same as above except the neck is 6 mm high. It is used in paraffin candle containers and gel candles. We would recommend the 9 mm neck for gel candles.

20 x 9 mm -- is the same base as above except the neck is 9mm high. This base is very popular for gel candles.

33 x 3 mm -- is new to the marketplace and is great for votives. The diameter of this sustainer base ensures the wick will be centered in the bottom of the cup.

Our Top 10 Fragrances


May 2010

Featured Project:
No Melting Required

As the summer rapidly approaches many are planning activities for summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools and school year end carnivals. While standard candle making and/or soap making may be too extensive, there are still many activities to introduce these crafts and help spread your name with very little cost. 

100 % natural candles with rolled beeswax

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the beeswax sheets, they are exactly what they sound like – sheets of beeswax, but come in a variety of colors.

Typically a square braid wick is used for rolling beeswax and the type of wick depends on the size of the finished candle. I recommend you get a roll of a small and medium to start (4/0 and 1/0).

We have books available that show the many wonderful things you can do with beeswax sheets. I recommend BK-3, BK-4 and BK-5 to get started.

Not sure which to try? I suggest getting a sampler pack of mixed colors and textures. You do not have a choice of color or style, but it is usually a good sampling across the board and it comes with a free book.

Wax Art Crystals Candles

Wax art crystals, or granulated wax, is a wax that has been formed into tiny beads slightly larger than sand. The product is available in a myriad of colors. What makes this so easy is that the wax does not have to be melted. It can be easily poured into any "candle safe" container. For anyone who has seen Sand Art, the concept is identical except when you are finished you have a candle that can be burned.

Once you have selected the proper container, take a completed wick assembly (one with a base) and place into the glass container. The best wick for this application is going to be something like a 34-40 paper.

The best way to get started is to select several colors and gently pour into the glass container with a spoon or other dispensing tool. You can take multiple colors and layer them in the glass to the desired height. For ultimate effects such as waves, you can take a long, narrow pointer such as a knitting needle and slide down the side of the glass container. This will create "waves" in the wax. This is a project any age child or adult can enjoy. This is a great project for cub scouts, girl scouts and camping trips. The candles can even be used as wedding favors.

The true advantage to wax art crystals is that they may also be melted and poured to make votives, pillars and even small containers. The wax art crystals are easy-to-handle and can be melted in any type of double boiler. The colors are slightly more concentrated, so white wax art crystals should be added to any color to lessen the intensity. What is nice is you can mix, match and melt the crystals to get any color shade you desire. The wax art crystals should be considered by any candle company that is interested in trying to learn how to pour and make candles.

Easy Soap Bars

The last project is to take a soap base, color and/or scent it, and pour into a larger cookie sheet maybe 1/4" thick. When it’s set up, cut the sheet into any smaller size that is easier to handle. Then get some cookie cutters and allow the kids to cut several pieces of the soap base. Then put a small amount of water between each layer, and when it dries the child has a finished soap bar.


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