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September 01, 2010

Five Tips To Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Candles


Five Tips To Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Candles

Fall is now upon us and for candle making all attention is now paid to the upcoming holiday seasons which are very strong for candles. As the Halloween industry grows so does using candles during this time period. The Thanksgiving and then Christmas holiday are always great and the biggest event for candles.

The problem many experience right now is how to differentiate their products from the competition. Different manufacturers approach this in different ways.

Tip #1: Select Unique and Strong Fragrances

One of the most common means candle makers like to use is via the fragrance of the candle whether it be the "highest fragranced" candles on the market or by the most unique. The good news is there are other things that can help make your candles stand out from your competitors. The key with any of these items is highlight these differences to your consumers. No matter what size your company/business might be the most important thing to remember is you are building a "brand" and you want people to remember.

View Candlewic's Fall Fragrances

Tip #2: Break from the normal glassware

Unless you are one of the larger manufacturers it is difficult to grow your business strictly on price. There are too many imports and other US manufacturers which make this difficult to do.

One of the first things to consider would be using unique and new jars. While the standard apothecary jars cannot be ignored there are a number of new and unique jars which are now available.

View Candlewic's Glass Containers

Tip #3: New Candles Styles & Wicks Bring in Customers

In addition to launching a line with different glassware also try different candle styles. One trend that continues to be popular is multi-layered candles. Using different colors/fragrances allows the consumer to get more than the single fragrance with the one jar.

While it is not quite new anymore, wood wicks continue to be a popular item in the candle market. In the right container and with the right fragrance you will have an instant winner.

View Candlewic's Wooden Wicks

Tip #4: Get Savings-Conscious Customers with Long Burn Times

While it may not have the "curb appeal" some of the other ideas have, another suggestion is to increase the burn time of your candle. In today’s economic environment consumers are looking for value. If you can show them your candle will burn longer at the same price you can gain market acceptance. Increasing the burn time can be achieved sometimes by merely using 1 wick size smaller or by raising the melt point of the wax. There are other things which must be considered if you decide this strategy. Will the candle still burn to the sides? Will it impact fragrance throw? Whether you can show a noticeable increase will be the key to determine if this will strategy can work.

Tip #5: Smaller Can Be Better

It may go against many business principles but one thing to do is "think small" when necessary. Small businesses many times have the best opportunities to thrive by doing things the larger companies do not want to do.  Consumers always like to have something different and unique and by focusing on this type of product line you can generally charge more.

When you pour a popular fragrance like vanilla in a standard apothecary jar you are completing against many different companies. If you put the same fragrance in a more decorative container then you open up your product to a different buyer. You will still need to have the basics but the key is always look for those opportunities that might be regional or even local.

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How do I determine the burn time of my candle?

One of the important elements when marketing a candle (besides the candle itself) is the burn time. Each candle company has different burning rates depending on the waxes used and the size of the wick. In order to properly determine the burn time of a candle, the following procedure should be used:

  1. Light the candle and let burn for four hours. At the conclusion of this time, blow out the candle.
  2. Wait one hour. Then trim the wick and relight for four additional hours.
  3. Repeat this procedure until the candle is consumed.
  4. Record how many hours you burned the candle.

This will give you a standard burn time at which you can market the candle. Many times consumers will let the candle burn continuously. This will not allow the candle to obtain the maximum burn time.


September 2010

Featured Project:
Veggie Dip

Create distinctive texture on any candle.


Step 1
Follow the steps on the making a basic poured candle PDF on how to pour a candle. We recommend using dark blue dye and a ball-shaped candle mold to create a candle like ours!

Step 2
When making your candle, leave a large length of wick at the bottom of your mold. When your candle is completed, this will be the top of your candle, and the length of wick will be helpful when dipping your candle.

Step 3
Once the candle has been poured and is completely cooled, remove it from the mold.

Step 4
Melt the Vegetable Wax until it liquefies. Melting the
Vegetable Wax in a double boiler will be easier than a melt bag for this candle.

Step 5
Once the wax is ready, dip your candle in the wax for a few seconds and pull out. Let harden. Every candle is unique and takes on a different look. You can even double dip if you want to!

Step 6
To preserve the unique finish of your candle, use a spray bottle to apply an even layer of Candle Gloss Coat over your entire candle. Handle your creations with care as the thin layer of Vegetable Wax can be quite fragile!

Make different colored candles to dip in your clear wax.Try dipping a layered candle to see what different effects you can get!

Dye your Vegetable Wax before you dip your candle into it.

Or, try dipping your candles in several different colors of Vegetable Wax and see what your finished product looks like!

Remember, no two candles will be the same, so stretch your imagination with the possibilities for unique creations!

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