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March 01, 2010

What About Me? Why Color Is Important?


What about me? Why color is important.

Many of us in the Candle Industry spend a great deal of time selecting, sniffing and discussing fragrances because it is one of the driving factors in consumers selecting a particular candle. However, color, in many instances, can be as important. If you don't have the proper color matched to the fragrance it will not inspire the customer to make that purchase. In addition many candles, especially pillars are purchased as a home décor and color is what they are looking for in that particular candle.

The advantage of color is that it can be as easy as you desire or packed full of complexity as is exhibited by many of the large consumer product companies who are driven by process laden complex scientific formulas. In any consumer product, packaging or advertising company, the discussion of what colors to use is a key focus with a tremendous amount of analysis required in the decision process.

The large consumer products, car manufacturers and especially the fashion industry rely very heavily on Pantone, Inc. to help determine the latest trends in color. Pantone, Inc. is the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industry. They are able to identify color trends well before they arrive on the "retail scene". These trends are extremely important to the textile, clothing, automobile and home accessory industries (the latter to which candles are a part of). It is imperative for these industries to be able to anticipate, well in advance, what color trends will evolve because of their very long lead times associated with bringing a new product to market.

A tremendous advantage, for us being a smaller company than the goliaths, is that we can react immediately to changes and trends in the marketplace and instantaneously adapt, to provide new colors, no matter what the Pantone. Changing colors for smaller manufacturers can be done by the season and does not require the normal long cycle the large companies must use.

Once you decide on the color for the candle, the next step is to determine how the wax will be dyed. It is also important to note here that there is a difference between dyes and pigments. The dyes are for coloring solid candles where the pigments should be used for any type of over dip application including cut n carve.

When choosing your candle dyes the choices can be found below:

Liquid Dye - In general liquid dyes are very highly concentrated products, which require that they be used in small percentages. They are most effective when used in 50 pound or greater batch sizes. They are highly cost effective and allow for easy solubility in wax and gel formulations. Due to their high concentrations it can be difficult to ensure color consistency when working in smaller batches below 50 lbs. EVO liquid dyes provide the most effectiveness, providing a pleasant, mild scent and compatibility with all paraffin wax, soy wax, gel wax and blended waxes.

Color Blocks - These come pre-measured in 1/2 ounce blocks that are great for mixing in to small or large batch sizes. Each of these concentrated blocks will color between 15-20 pounds of wax. Color blocks are perfect and easy to use if you are mixing in pouring pots, turkey roasters or double boilers.

The advantage of using any these methods is that you can get to any shade required by increasing or decreasing the recommended usage.

As we have discussed, as a candle company it is important to stay on top of the trends both on fragrance and color. The fragrance industry is always cognizant of trends and according to French Color and Fragrance some of the emerging trends include:

White Cottony Musks - The "cotton musk" become very important to express comfort and grounding to the florals.

Color: These are the new take on ivory with varying shades of the color spectrum.

Sparkling, bold fruits and ozonics - These including sparkling citrus and berries and daring spices.

Color: This is a daring pallet reminiscent of the tropics...very enticing screaming "look at me!"

Florals in Angelic cloud- These scents will be dominated by floral notes.

Color: Varying shades of purple and rose colors dominate this palette.

Leaves, grass and roots- Farm, organic, fresh and earth notes dominate this category. These can also include fruits and vegetables from your local farm stand.

Color: Colors that mimic nature yet are still vibrant and clean, bright green and orange dominate this palette

As always we are committed to following the market place closely to address what "hot" colors are trending and develop them so you can provide your customers the freshness they crave in color assortment and selection.

Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.


Are any additives needed to make a wax mottle?

If the proper wax is used no other additives should be used to make a candle mottle and in fact most additives will impede the wax from mottling. Not all waxes will mottle and if it is "blended waxes" chances are that it has been designed to hold the fragrance and not mottle. The best waxes to use for mottled candles would be the 2530 for containers and the 3035H for votives and the 4045H for pillars.

My candles seem to be fading. What causes this?
Candles that are subjected to sunlight or other lighting may fade in time. Darker colors and brilliant colors will occur more rapidly. It is recommend that you use a UV absorber to reduce the fading.


March 2010

Featured Project:
Making Streak Candles

One of the easiest novelty candles to make is the streaking candle. What makes this project so easy is that you do not have to change anything you are doing when pouring your candles.

To start this project, first select any pillar type mold. Melt your wax 10-15° F higher than your usual pouring temperature. Add your scent as usual but do not add color.

Before pouring your wax into the mold take any color block or pigment dye and shave it into smaller pieces, you can do as many colors as desired.

Once you have shavings of several colors, pour your wax into the mold.
As soon as you are finished pouring, take pieces of your shavings and place a needle through the shavings.

Hold the needle with the shavings against the mold. The dye will begin streaking down the sides causing a "tie dyed" effect. Repeat this using the same or different color, being careful not to over color.
Any mold can be used for this project.

Each candle made will look different than any other one and allows you to do an infinite amount of themed candles such as red, white and blue or any other color.


Quick Facts

Number of Tins
per 100 lb Batch

In past months we discussed how common it is that containers are named by their fluid capacity in ounces. In most cases this is not equal to weight of wax. See the December 2003 issue of the Enlightener for further details.

The following information will help you plan your tin production. Keep in mind the fill line on the tin can dramatically affect results. For each 100-pound batch of CBL-125 or CBL-130 wax, you can fill approximately:




4 oz



8 oz



10 oz



16 oz



20 oz



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