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November 01, 2010

Wish List for Candle Making


Wish List for Candle Making

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just several days away which for many signals the "official" start of the winter holidays. However by now most kids have already started putting their “Holiday Wish List” together.

We all know that this list will change over 100 times by the actual holiday. Since kids are spending time putting their list together it only appropriate that we help you create your own wish list for the activity you are passionate about. We can only hope some if not all of these items make it to your household in the upcoming weeks.

Make this Holiday Season special by treating yourself to some of the newest items or items that will make your candle making just a bit easier.

Golden Foods 464
Is the latest addition to our soy line and is a great all around soy wax. The soy based additives can help reduce the frosting many soy waxes get when making candles. The 464 has a lower melt point then some of the other soy blends and has better adhesion to the containers.

(Editors Note: if you want to drop that hint to a special friend this item is on sale until this Thursday.)

While Soy has many positive attributes many are disappointed with the fragrance throw 100% soy candle can achieve. A growing trend in the industry is a Soy/Paraffin blend and the CBL-130 is a great choice. This hybrid blend offers single pour characteristics, good fragrance throw and is easy to work with.

Wooden Wicks
While the wood wicks are not designed to replace the cotton wicks they do offer a nice alternative and you can create your own unique candle. While these wicks will work with most waxes a soy/paraffin blend can achieve the best results. The Wood wicks are available in 4 sizes.

With so many choices available in styles choosing just the right one can be difficult. Libbey has some great choices with some of there newer lines like the Vibe and Interlude. Be sure to check out all of the latest styles just changing the glassware can create a hole new look for your line.

Wick Centering Devices
Keeping a wick straight in a jar is absolutely essential. There are several different devices that can help you achieve this:

  • Bow Tie Clip - Will fit most standard size jars and has slotting to hold 1 or 2 wicks in the most appropriate spots.

  • Jar Cap- Will fit the apothecary jars snuggly and help hold single and double wick candles.

  • Wick Stick- The Wick Stick is an easy-to-use device that holds the wick straight and centered during the cooling process. (Cannot be used with one pour waxes)

  • Glue Dots - Are always good to help keep the wick centered in the bottom of the container. It is also is important as the consumer burns the candle to the bottom that the wick also stays centered.

No wish list would be complete without having some fragrances. There are so many to choose from each and everyone will have there own list of fragrances they would like. The thing we like to stress is to make sure you keep up with the latest trends. Be sure as you holiday shop to check out the major retailers and see which fragrances they are offering as they spend a great deal of time researching trends.

On behalf of the Candlewic Company we hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and you be sure to check us out over the holidays as we try and help you fulfill your “Wish List” on candle projects.

Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.


I am very interested in making candles but do have a limited budget, do you have any suggestions?

There are definitely things you may have already in the home that can be incorporated into your craft/hobby.  Many candy & chocolate molds can be used for making tarts and similar smaller candles. Do be careful to pouring temperatures in that you do not want to melt your molds and the wax leak out. Dixie cups, quart milk containers and other similar items can serve as molds. If you have PVC, aluminum tubing from a home improvement project they can be used for molds. If you have candy thermometer this can be sufficient just be sure to clean thoroughly before making candy again.

If you just wish to play around initially with candle making you can melt old candles down and reuse.  This can help you appreciate the process but it can be difficult to find the proper wick because you will be mixing several different melt point waxes together.

Things that should not be used especially if you want to make quality candles is melting down old crayons (they have pigment dyes which can clog the wick and not allow it to burn properly).  


November 2010

Featured Project:
Grubby Candles

One candle that continues to be popular is commonly referred to as a grubby candle.

Before beginning this project it may be best to describe what a Grubby Candle might be.

While you probably will not find an official definition for a grubby candle, many people refer to the look of the candle where it appears the surface of the candle is frosted or maybe wax may be missing a layer in sections.

Unlike mottling where the finish is actually "internal" on the candle, the finish on this candle will actually impact the surface of the candle.

This candle is always a favorite of candle makers since it is relatively easy to make. The level of the “grubbiness” can be controlled.

Any size aluminum mold can be used for this candle. The most popular we find is the 3 x 4½ (check out our super sales section for some great prices.)

You begin this project by chilling the mold for about 10-15 minutes.

You then take the 4144 wax and add about 10% stearic acid to the formulation.

Melt your wax to around 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit and pour into the chilled mold as any standard pillar.

Top off where needed and remove when the candle has completely hardened.

Due to the peeling of the wax the candle may have to be placed in the freezer for removal.

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For those that read our May 2010 Issue of “Creating your own White Castle Moment” you will be pleased to know that they are launching it again for the Holiday Season.  Looks like we will have another topic for next year.


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