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November 01, 2011

Our Candle Making Wishlist


Our Candle Making Wish List

Over the last several weeks mailboxes are getting filled up daily with catalogs from every type of business available. Catalogs are a great resource for the kids to review to find out what they might want to put on their wish list. While they are assembling their wish list, we thought we would highlight the list of items that you may want to put on your wish list.

  • Bottles of new fragrances
    For our avid reader you will know that fragrances are the driving factor and that 94% of the candles sold are scented. The classic fragrances like Cinnamon, Balsam and others will always sell but the consumers, especially candle purchasers are always wanting something new. It is important to keep customers coming back to always expand your candle line to include new fragrances. Some of the most popular fragrances these days go well beyond your basic Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry.

    Keeping current with all the new fragrances is something that any candle maker should do by visiting the major retailers that offer candles, when visiting friends and neighbors asking what they like and, if you do the craft shows, you will get first hand what your customers are looking for.

    The current fragrances include a wide range of different fragrances and some of the top new ones have many different notes and draw from some classic fragrances. These include Pumpkin Chai, Mistletoe and Fig, Pomegranate Cider to name a few. These are great for fall and winter and would be a great addition to any candle line.

    Some of the better sellers can be re-introduced with some new wrinkles to them. For example Apple Crisp, Apple Pie and Sweet Apple Pie have always been great sellers. In the new Apple Crumb fragrance, some nice new scents have been included like cinnamon, nutmeg & clove spices in a vanilla and musk base.

  • New Glassware like Libbey Status & Libbey Interlude
    In addition to offering new fragrances it also helps to change up your offering of jars you offer. There are many new and unique designs out there. Because the diameters are similar in many cases, you do not have to go through the process of resizing wicks. Some of the newest best sellers include Libbey’s Status line which is available in sizes ranging from 2.75 ounces all the way up to 21 ounces.

    Another very nicely designed line offered by Libbey is the Interlude which is available from 4oz and 12 ounces which is perfect for this design.

  • Wooden Wicks
    While it is hard to generate excitement with a wick the Wooden Wicks will definitely liven up any candle line. These relatively new wicks are not designed to eliminate your cotton wicks but are more to offer a different candle burning experience to your customer. These do work best with a soft soy/paraffin blend. These are available in Small , Medium, Large and Extra large so you will be sure to find one that will work in your "new container".

  • Soap Making Supplies
    While it might be a stretch you may want to try looking at products for your 2012 line and why not try making soap. In many respects the process is the same and nice collection of soaps can enhance any candle line. The holiday seasons give you an audience to test them out and soap makes for wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors and co-workers. There is an excellent inexpensive kit if you wanted to try a soap making kit (Kit-14) from Candlewic.

The nice thing about our wish list is that all of the items are affordable and can still be ordered in time for the holidays.


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.


One of the most commonly asked questions is...which wax is best to use?

There are definitely many considerations with responding to this question.

First, the type of candle you plan on making will dictate the proper wax.  In a perfect world; containers 120-129 F melt point is best, for votives 130-139 is best and for pillars (including tapers and other free standing candles) a 140-150 is best.

Once the type of candle is chosen you will have to decide if you want to use a straight wax or a blend. The main difference is a blend is a ready-to-go wax only needing UV’s and your color/fragrance.

The other option is a straight wax.  A straight wax will require additives such as vybar, micro and/or stearic. While this will summarize which wax is best I also suggest you check out the below links to get additional information on this subject.

Choosing the proper wax is the first step in making a quality candle.


November 2011

Featured Project:

Luminary Candles

Note: For our avid readers and we know there are many we are sorry to have a reprint of this project but the Luminary can be such an important part of raising the awareness of candles.

Ever drive around your town on Christmas Eve and see all of the driveways or shops in a small downtown glowing with magnificence? These spectacular sites generally start with candles. Even if you are not a candle maker you can get your entire neighborhood involved.

Step 1
Select a votive to use. For making this project you can use one that you made or a standard 15-hour votive.

Step 2
Fill the bag with enough sand to prevent the bag from blowing away in the evening. Place the votive in the bag and light. Naturally these should only be used in outdoor displays.

Step 3
Line along driveway or sidewalk.

Note: Even though it is outside, extreme caution should be used.

Secret #1
Cut designs into the bag or add decorations to the outside of the bag. Snowflakes, stars and candy canes always add a special holiday touch. As identified in the feature article you may even want to think about donating these to your local business if you can place your label on the outside of the bag.

Secret #2
If you are expecting guests, try scenting them so your guests will be surprised with the pleasant smell of Bayberry, Christmas Cheer or some other wonderful holiday fragrance.

Secret #3
Since the votive is not seen the color is not important. You can use up all of your scrap wax to make these candles.

Secret #4
If you are making these for your own use, you may want to use soup cans, pet food (if metal) or other metal containers.

Secret #5
If you have snow on the ground, make a large snowball and hollow out the middle then put a candle in it. Make sure to keep these candles away from shrubs, trees and other flammable objects.

Fast Facts

This month I have a handy little document you can download that reminds us of some of the information we should know, but sometimes forget when a full batch of wax is ready to be poured and we have to think quick. Click here to download it and keep it nearby when things get hectic.

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