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July 01, 2012

Candle Making Kits


Candle Making Kits

One of the biggest challenges in candle making is learning where to start and what materials you might need to get started. If you start from "scratch", getting the proper quantities of everything can be difficult. You need to know how much wax to purchase to fill a certain container, that wicks are sold in 100 piece count, and that jars are sold at 12 pieces. It gets even more complex if you want to make several different types of candles.

The solution to overcome some of the above obstacles is to start your candle making venture with a kit. A kit is great to start with because it has all the right quantities of all the materials to try your hand at the craft. The question then is...with the wide array of kits available, how do you know which one to choose that would be best for you?

Selecting the type of candle to sell

The first step in choosing the right kit is determining what type of candle you want to make; i.e. container candle, pillar, natural wax candle, or a simple crafting project. The type of candle you desire to make will narrow down the selection process to possibly 1-2 kits.

Container candle kits

Generally container candles are the most popular and easiest type of candle to try your skills in candle making. The most popular choice for this type of candle is the Kit-8. This kit includes over 5 pounds of wax, 6 jars and 5 different fragrances. This kit will make 6 jar candles using one of the most popular waxes on the market - CBL-125.

Pros: Has 5 different fragrances, CBL-125 is easiest wax to use, and jar candles are extremely popular. Paraffin candles will deliver the best fragrance throw of any of the waxes. Candles made with this kit can make for a great gift to friends and neighbors.

Cons: You cannot choose the fragrance included. You will still need a Pouring Pot (M-121A is the most popular) and a thermometer.

Natural wax kits

Since all of the buzz these days seems to be on natural wax candles, why not jump right in and try making some soy candles? The best kit for making the soy jar candles would be the Kit-5. Highlights of this kit include 4 lbs of soy wax, 6 jars (2 different styles) and even tea lights to use up the extra wax.

Pros: Includes 4 different fragrances. Also can make tea lights. Soy is easy to work with. If you want natural the soy wax is 100% natural.

Cons: Cannot select specific fragrances used and you still need Pouring Pot and Thermometer. Soy does not have the fragrance throw a paraffin candle has. For a video on making Soy wax candles we also encourage you to visit the below link:

Pillar candle kits

If you did not want to make container candles the other option would be to make a pillar candle. Pillars are a nice addition to any home décor. The Kit-1 is an excellent choice because it includes everything to make pillars, votives and floating candles. The kit has 5 different fragrances and colors so you have many options.

Pros: Wide range of molds, amble selection of fragrances.

Cons: Pillars a little harder to make than container candles. And you still need thermometer and pouring pot.

Palm wax kits

Palm wax candles are one of the more underrated type candles on the market. Palm candles make a unique pattern in your pillar that cannot be accomplished with paraffin wax. This kit will include everything to make a pillar and votives with this very special wax.

Pros: Makes a great natural wax pillar and can also make votives. Palm wax generally does not shrink so no topping off is necessary. Has 4 different fragrances.

Cons: Includes a polycarbonate mold instead of an aluminum one. No pouring pot or thermometer is included.

Kits with a pouring pot

Our Pouring Pot kit is one of the better ones to give out as a gift. The presentation of the products and the fact that when you are done using this kit you have the 2 most essential items in candle making the pouring pot and the thermometer. This kit is a great way to introduce the crafter to candle making.

Pros: Has the pouring pot and thermometer included. Easy to use

Cons: Materials included can only make 9 votives. Kit is sold more on the fact you have a pouring pot and thermometer to use when done.

Kits for kids and beginners

If you are looking for that rainy day easy project for the kids or gathering we would recommend either the Granulated Wax Kit (Kit-12) or the beeswax sampler kit. These are fun to make projects at a great price. Who knows you might have so much fun you end up starting a candle business.

Pros: Both projects are very easy to use and no melting is necessary. No real extra materials are needed.

Cons: Neither can really be fragranced.

No matter what type of candles you wish to make a kit can be a great choice to try and learn the process. Kits are also a great way to limit your investment.

If you may not be interesting making candles, then the kits can make for a great gift for any family member, neighbor or work associate that might be a crafter. Candles make for a great gift and what adds more to the sentimental value of the gift then it being hand made. Kits are also a great way to do candle making as a group project although you might need to purchase several kits depending on the size of the group.

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If you have decided starting out with a kit is not the right way for you, then we would recommend following some of the below steps to try your hand.

As I always like to say, "There is not a right or wrong way to make a candle if the candle is being made safely and results in a safe burning candle." Inevitably, there is some type of initial research by the "future candle maker," which should be undertaken to learn the basics. I have always offered the following:



July 2012

Featured Project:
Palm Wax Candles

These days a great deal of focus for natural candles is put on Soy wax but there are other options to making great natural wax candles. If you want to create a candle with a unique pattern where no 2 candles are the same we would recommend trying the Palm wax.

While this is an introduction to Palm think of all the other projects you can do, layered unique shapes, Aromatherapy scents. In today's market we feel it is important to really explore all opportunities available.



Melt Palm Wax in pot. Note that the hotter you make the wax, the more the wax will create a snowflake look on the candle. Do not exceed 300°F (150°C).

Add some shavings of color blocks and 4% to 5% of fragrance.

Using the rubber plug and wick bar, prepare your aluminum mold for pouring.

Before pouring wax, it is suggested to heat the mold with a heat gun or a heat lamp to maximize the crystalizing effect of the Palm Wax.

Pour liquid Palm Wax into the mold and let cool. By slowing the cooling rate of your poured candles, you can create fantastic crystal effects in your Palm Wax candles.

Sometimes Palm Wax requires a second pour. You will know it is necessary if a thin layer of wax forms over your candle when cooled. Simply poke a hole in this layer and perform your second pour.

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