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October 01, 2012

Resources for Candle Makers


Resources for Candle Makers

The term "candle making" can take on many meanings for our readers. For the beginner, candle making is taking a milk carton or extra container and pouring wax in it to make their own candle. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the large manufacturer that produces thousands of candles a day and, in some instances, employs thousands of employees. Most candlemakers are somewhere in between, and the needs for businesses vary greatly.

Companies like Candlewic take pride in offering a complete line of candle making supplies, such as waxes, containers, wicks and molds. By specializing in these products we can provide the optimal experience, prices and value to our customers. However, as companies and individuals take their passion to the next level, the needs change and require additional expertise.

There are many solid companies that offer these services, but we thought we would share a couple with you who have offered candle maker assistance over the years. Normally after you have made your candles you need labels for both identifying the product and for providing burning instructions is required. For those just starting out and in need of a very small production run of labels, we have found Avery to be an excellent resource.

Using this site allows you to print as few or as many labels as you need. There is a "Design and Print Option" that lets you develop and create your own labels and print them as needed. This provides a great opportunity for the candle maker to really customize their candles for use at specific events like weddings, showers and graduations. The feature also allows you to import photos, logos and pretty much anything to make your own professional-looking labels without a huge investment.

Once you have the candle labeled the next step many people require is packaging. Because there are so many different sizes, getting custom packaging can be difficult. There is a company called Nashville Wraps that offers a wide range of packaging options for candle makers. They offer everything from cello bags to small-scale shrink wrap systems.

Packaging should be an extension of your candle. You may have the best candle in the world, but if you do not present it properly and in an appealing way, the customer may not even pick it up. Nashville Wraps offers a wide range of pricing and packing options. You spend a great deal of time creating your candle, so be sure to "show it off" with the best packaging options available.

Once you have your candle line complete and want to take it to the next level, a web presence is imperative. A company that can help you out with complete, turn-key website solutions is MoJo Active. They can develop your website, provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Per Click services, and even manage your email marketing efforts. All these go hand-in-hand in getting the most from your web presence.

If you want to do things on your own and start smaller, the obvious choices are always a good option. Sites like eBay give you the opportunity to test-market your candles and provide an opportunity for feedback.

Other sites like Etsy, Amazon and Craigslist provide options to sell your candles at any "pace" and to any extent you desire.

There are many other services and products you will need that are important in helping your business grow. Be sure to find ones that can help you create a plan for growing your business. Banks are a great example. Many local banks cater to smaller businesses, offering services bigger banks may not be in a position to do. Spend time and ask local businesses which bank they use and find one that can help YOU. Many banks now partner with credit card processors that can offer great fees and functionality with the bank.

As the number of credit card transactions you process increases, look around and find a credit card provider that might be able to better serve you. The one who seemed best when you started may not be the best option once your volume increases. Fees charged vary across the board and the processing time from when you get the credit card payment to the time it transfers to the bank will also vary. These qualities can affect your business.

Even the landscape of shipping has changed. As your shipping volume increases, be sure to check with both FEDEX and UPS. The type of product, volume and customer base can help you secure better rates. Both offer great products that can meet your customer's needs, such as residential delivery and scheduled drop offs. UPS has a service that lets the customer schedule drop offs within a particular time frame. The postal service can be a viable option especially for lighter items which you could ship in flat rate boxes.

No matter what the service and/or product is you require, be sure to spend time deciding whether it is a good fit for your company. In today's business environment finding vendors that can help you grow is extremely important. A good business should be able to provide resources and/or services that can be more than a buy/sell relationship. If you are reading this, you know that Candlewic takes pride in offering this free newsletter and other resources to help you grow your business.

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What's all the Buzzzz?

Every month I get a fair amount of questions asking about beeswax sheets. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a home hobbyist, it is truly amazing to sit down with kids, friends, family and coworkers to roll and burn candles made with sheets. It's a great way to enjoy each other's company or to make candles that can be sold for a profit.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of beeswax sheets, they are exactly what they sound like — sheets of beeswax, but they come in a variety of patterns and colors. Typically, a square braid wick is used for rolling beeswax and the type of wick depends on the size of the finished candle. I recommend you get a roll of a small, medium, and large wick to start (6/0, 2/0, and #1).

Want to see how easy it is? Be sure to check out the video below:

Not sure which to try? I suggest getting a sampler pack of mixed colors. You do not have a choice of color, but it is usually a good sampling across the board and comes with a free book! If you want some "kits" in the beeswax sheets, be sure to check out what we have to offer on Amazon.


October 2012

Featured Project:
Snowball Candles



Step 1
Place wick in a ball mold. Melt the wax and add a peppermint scent or any of our holiday fragrances to the wax as desired. Pour your candle. Allow your candle to cool, then re-fill depression in the center of the candle. Let it cool completely and remove the finished candle from the mold.

Step 2
Add the peppermint scent (or other holiday fragrances) to 1 to 2 cups (250-500 ml) of melted paraffin wax and stir. Place the melted paraffin in a deep bowl. Cool the wax until a thin skin forms over the surface of the wax. Then, using an electric mixer or egg beater, whip melted wax until it becomes light and fluffy.

Step 3
Now, you must work QUICKLY. The whipped wax will cool fast, becoming hard and unmanageable. Apply the whipped wax to the outside of the ball candle with a fork. Cover the whole candle in this manner, holding the candle by the wick so that you can work on the entire candle at once.


To be really creative, try making the ball candle a different color, something like green or red. Then, when the whipped wax melts, the other color will be exposed and make for a unique look.

Instead of the ball mold, try using a square mold of something like 3 x 7.5" and make the candle look like a chimney. Put some of the whipped wax on the sides to make it look like it snowed.

The whipped wax can be used in many other applications like whipped cream and frosting decor.

Be careful! The wax can still be quite hot at the beginning of this process. If wax becomes too cool to work with, reheat and whip again.

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