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August 20, 2014

Ways to Expand Your Line of Products


On behalf of Candlewic, we wish to thank all of our friends that have come to the new website and those that have provided such kind words. Launching a new website is always a very nervous venture, in that many existing customers are used to certain things, such as how the navigation works, and do not like change. However, we felt it was time for a refresh. We believe the new website will improve all of our customers' experiences.

A Better Mobile Experience

One of the continuously growing trends with ecommerce is the amount of activity coming through mobile devices. The new site will dramatically improve this experience for those choosing this option and make finding our products and ordering much easier than in the past.

Easier Educational Information

For those just learning to make candles, we have consolidated all of the various free education resources into one area. This includes all videos, tips and techniques, and business tips. In addition to beginners, this section is a great resource for those looking to grow their business as well.

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Keeping Up with Candle Industry Trends

At the bottom of the homepage be sure to check out the "Trends Section." This section of the site will identify the "hot" fragrances, new items and popular products, and all the products needed to make the latest candle trends. Be sure to come back and keep checking this area out from time to time, as it will constantly be refreshed.

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The great news is that all of our outstanding pricing, customer service, and products remain unchanged. We truly thank you for visiting our new site and look forward to continuing to work with you.

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Ways to Expand Your Line of Products

Hard to believe the summer is coming to a rapid close. As a business it is time to really focus on the Holiday Season if it is going to be a successful 2014. The good news is there is still time to add new products and changes to your line in time for the Holiday season.

Adding On Luminaries

One of the big holiday traditions for downtowns and neighborhoods is to line the streets with luminaries. Luminaries generally are 10 or 15 hour votives placed in a bag with sand to hold stable. One of the great things about the candles used in this application is they do not necessarily have to be white or a specific color. They can almost be any color because they are placed in the bag. What better way to use wax that doesn't meet your color specifications or custom orders that have been canceled at the last minute?

Add Soap on a Rope

You can apply the same process using the melt and pour soap base if you wanted to make soap on a rope. For best results, a thin rope should be used for this application. Any of the soap 3d molds would make for a great soap on a rope gift. While on the subject of soap making, some unique bars of melt and pour soap that match your candle line can always bring in new customers, while expanding your product offering.

Add Tarts

Another great addition to any line would be tarts. Tarts can easily be made using the M-112 mold and do not require any type of wick. This size is perfect for letting customers test your fragrance without purchasing a candle. Many people may initially be reluctant to try a new fragrance without knowing how the product can perform.

The tarts can be placed in a potpourri burner and are a great way to "throw" fragrance without actually lighting a candle. What is nice about tarts is they don’t use a lot of wax, so when you pour your jars and have extra wax left over, you can simply pour the wax into the mold. The tarts are also a great sampler to take with you to retailers to show all of your scents so you don't have to carry around a large case of containers and/or pillars. To get even more unique, try out the floater molds for making tarts. No wick is needed for these.

Add Wax Melts

These are easy to make and can be a great addition to your jar or votive line. Simply take your extra wax, pour into the clam shell and close when the wax hardens.(See project in this issue for more instructions.)

Add Fire Starters

If you do a great deal of outdoor shows and craft shows, fire starters are always a nice little impulse purchase to offer. They can be made easily by taking some sawdust, placing it in a paper/cardboard cup (large ketchup holders work very well), and pouring wax into the cup. Use any wick. In fact, many times larger wicks work best. The user can then place this in the fireplace under their paper and wood. Again, what makes this a great idea is that you can use excess wax for the application.

Add Fragrances

One of the easiest ways to improve your candle line at any time is to add new fragrances. You can even just refresh your existing fragrances. If you have a very good Pine Needle fragrance, rename it "Warm Holiday Memories." If you have a basic Apple Pie candle maybe add some Sugar Cookie scent and call it "Fresh Baked Sweets." The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Consumers are always looking for something new, so it is always beneficial to update your line.

Add Gift Baskets

Another way to add value to your product line is to prepare custom gift baskets. Take several candles and add tea, hand poured soap, bath salts and other items to the gift basket. Many of these extra items can easily be found on Ebay, Amazon and other consumer sites. Or, if the volume is large enough, you can purchase many of these at wholesale outlets.

Add Emergency Candles

One other candle that can be added easily to most candle lines is an emergency candle. One of the best kinds of emergency candles comes in a tin. In the tin you can use almost any of your excess wax, because you are selling the functionality of the product and not the scent/color.

Add Fancy Wicks

One final suggestion to add a nice touch to your pillar candle line is to make a pillar with extra wick at the top of the candle (bottom of the mold in most applications). When you take the candle out, tie some decorative beads onto the wick.

All of the above suggestions are nice, easy add-ons to any line and can drive additional sales over and beyond your standard candle buyers. If you do these, be sure to market them as an “impulse” item and, since in many instances the raw materials may be extras or using old stock, price them to sell.

Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
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How can I keep my prices competitive?

One of the recurring questions we get throughout the month in various forms is: "With all of the price increases on raw materials how can I keep my cost down?" During these times it can be difficult to control the major materials, such as wax, but it might be a good time to look at some of the other things involved in the purchasing process.

This month's question is in response to the overwhelming request on how to efficiently procure supplies at the best price.

Whether you realize it or not, procurement costs money. Every time you are ordering supplies, you are using valuable time that could be spent making and selling candles. The more often you order, the higher your yearly cost of goods will be. When approaching your business by following the 6 P's, you will save yourself plenty of money. The 6P's are "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance."

There are many tricks to applying the 6 P's. By increasing your average order size and decreasing the amount of times you order, you save money on many levels. Shipping becomes cheaper for consolidated orders. When you look back at what supplies you have ordered the previous year, you can learn to consolidate your orders. It is cheaper to ship the same yearly amount of supplies in 10 shipments than shipping the same supplies over 20 shipments. This also allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and helps ensure you have enough supplies on hand to fulfill any possible order that comes through your door. How do you pay for the new strategy of larger shipments but fewer orders? Take a good look at when your credit card statement is due and learn to order the day after. This gives you the full 30 days to make and sell your candles before the bill is due. This is a form of floating your money with no penalty. I also strongly recommend a credit card that earns you airline miles so all your purchases build points for free plane tickets toward a well-deserved vacation.

Adding clam shells or tarts can be extremely easy, and, in many instances, you can use your existing wax formula. These products can then double as a way for you to send samples of what your fragrances smell like.

Ideally, the best wax to use for making tarts and clam shell melts is the CBL-129. It has excellent cold fragrance throw and will release very nice from the clam shell or the tart mold. You can use a low shrink wax, but they do not release as well from the molds, and soy can be brittle at times when trying to get the wax out without breaking.

August 2014

Featured Project:
Clam Shell Melts

As we mentioned in our feature article, clam shell melts are a great addition to any candle line.

Step 1

If using a wax like CBL-129 or a paraffin wax, take the product up to around 140°F. With soy you will only need to take the wax up to around 120°F or so.

Step 2

When your wax reaches the desired temperatures, add your dye. With soy it will be easier to use liquid dyes because they will not have to melt like the color blocks.

Step 3

Add your fragrance. In most instances, since you want to deliver great fragrance throw with a small cube, you should be closer to 7-9% fragrance, which works out to about 1.25-1.85 ounce per pound of wax. Again, a reason to use the CBL-129 is that it will hold that much fragrance.

Step 4

Lay out the clam shells and slowly pour your wax to the desired level.

When your wax is hard simply close and apply a label. You can custom design your own label for the front by going to


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