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November 23, 2015

Get Ready for the Holidays

November 2015
Get Ready for the Holidays
On behalf of the Candlewic Company we hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday and is ready to go into full candle-making mode. Be sure to follow us on Facebook on Cyber Monday (November 30th) as we will be having various Flash Sales throughout the day.
Share the Excitement of Candle Making
What better time than the upcoming holidays to experience the excitement of candle making. For those who make candles for a living, this time of year is exciting as your candles are very much in demand as people entertain look for neutral gifts for friends, neighbors and teachers.

If you are just learning to make candles, there is no better gift than one that is hand-poured and can be shared with friends, relatives and co-workers. The winter holidays generate more demand for candles than any other time of year. During the holidays, candle companies are featured in business, local and trend sections of newspapers more than any other time of the year; magazine articles and television shows feature decorating homes for the holidays using candles; and large companies, like SC Johnson, are now advertising candles on television. All of these will help drive business to your company with some work on your end.

Since you have signed up for our newsletter, it is obvious you have some interest in candle making, so we intend to find something to excite you. If you are a candle company, now is the time to get your name out to your current and future customer base. The short-term benefits of this exposure should translate to future business as well. Because of all of this excitement, be sure to send press releases to the local media outlets letting them know what you do, highlighting new products. Outline your attributes; such as hand-poured, heavily fragranced, and blending your own fragrance combinations. I am sure there are many more that make your candles different than the standard products found in grocery stores and on other retail shelves. If you are featured in the press, be sure to use the highlights of the article on your website, sales flyer and other marketing materials.

You may also want to use the opportunity to contact local retailers, letting them know your candles were featured. Another suggestion is to contact your local business center and possibly donate luminaries (see this month's project) for their use. Be sure to place your label on each bag so that your name can be prominently displayed, especially in "downtown" districts. Use this time of year to give candles as gifts to teachers, neighbors, troop leaders and coaches. They will appreciate the gesture and may help with one of the strongest marketing techniques--word of mouth.

Contact your local realtors and see if they would like customized candles to offer as house warming gifts. Candles are such a great "neutral" gift that can be given to anyone.

Another suggestion to get noticed by the local media is to offer safety tips on how to burn a candle, or how to use candles in decorating.
If you have always wanted to make candles and have not done so yet, now is the perfect time to begin this exciting craft. Not only will you have fun making candles, but you will also have excellent gifts, centerpieces or room decorations. If you have never made candles before we offer excellent resources from Chandler (learn the basics now) videos; Past issues of the Enlightner are also always available for review and can be a great resource. You will want to start off fairly simple, by limiting your production to container candles with a couple of popular holiday fragrances. Kits are always a good starting point as well. Two of the best selling kits for beginners are Kit-8, and, If you wanted to try and make Natural Soy wax candles, we recommend Kit-5.
Even More Options
If you don't have time to learn to make hand-poured candles, you have the opportunity to get into the wonderful world of candle making with rolled candles. Rolled beeswax candles are making a quite resurgence. These candles are easy to make and create wonderful looking pillars, votives, tapers and holiday ornaments. Beeswax sheets are available in 8½" x 16" dimensions and are 100% natural. For most applications, you warm the sheets with a blow dryer, place the wick on the wax and roll until the desired diameter is achieved. These sheets are great projects for boy scouts, girl scouts, school groups and holiday festivals. Help your kids make these; they make a wonderful gift for a teacher.
If we have not piqued your interest yet, then how about trying wax art crystals to make candles. This process of candle making is as simple as taking granulated wax, pouring it into a container, and inserting a wick. This product is also very well-suited for group projects, as it is easy to make with no melting required. If you have not already done so, now is the time to leap into this fun, exciting and dynamic industry. If you have not read about us yet, our company was started as a Cub Scout project, making candles in the Binder basement. We all have to start somewhere.
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Ever drive around your town on Christmas Eve and see all of the driveways or shops in a small downtown glowing with magnificence? These spectacular sites generally start with candles. Even if you are not a candle maker, you can get your entire neighborhood involved.
Project: Luminaries
Step 1
Select a votive to use. For making this project you can use one that you made or a standard 15-hour votive.
Step 2
Fill the bag with enough sand to prevent the bag from blowing away in the evening. Place the votive in the bag and light. Naturally these should only be used in outdoor displays.
Step 3
Line along driveway or sidewalk. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though it is outside use extreme caution.
Secret #1
Cut designs into the bag or add decorations to the outside of the bag. Snowflakes, stars and candy canes always add a special holiday touch. As identified in the feature article, you may even want to think about donating these to your local business if you can place your label on the outside of the bag.
Secret #2
If you are expecting guests, try scenting them so your guests will be surprised with the pleasant smell of Bayberry, Christmas Cheer or some other wonderful holiday fragrance.
Secret #3
Since the votive is not seen, the color is not important. You can use up all of your scrap wax to make these candles.
Secret #4
If you are making these for your own use, you may want to use soup cans, pet food (if metal) or other metal containers.
Secret #5
If you have snow on the ground, make a large snowball and hollow out the middle then put a candle in the in it. Make sure to keep these candles away from shrubs, trees and other flammable objects.
Mark your calenders and plan to attend our Open House on Monday, December 21. There will be speakers on waxes, picking a wick, how to launch a website, and how to take pictures for  your website, Etsy, eBay and marketing materials. Many items will be on sale. Come in and meet our staff.
Frozen Pine Fragrance Oil Frozen Pine
Apple Ale Fragrance Oil Apple Ale Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Suede Fragrance Oil Vanilla Suede
Merry Mint Fragrance Oil Merry Mint
Black Bamboo Fragrance Oil Black Bamboo
Watermelon Cooler Fragrance Oil Watermelon Cooler
Moroccan Water Mint Fragrance Oil Moroccan Water Mint
Iced Macchiato Fragrance Oil Iced Macchiato
Wild Twisted Berry Fragrance Oil Wild Twisted Berry
Espresso Latte Fragrance Oil Espresso Latte
2 Burning Questions:
The last couple of weeks have been exceedingly busy with questions and we thank you for trusting us to help. As a result of your questions, I will cover two of the most relevant ones asked quite often.
Hi. I'm Chandler.My candle seems to burn well with all of my fragrances except for one or two. Why would this happen?
A. The problem could be your wick. There are many things which go into determining the correct wick size for your candle including, but not limited to, melt point of the wax, additives, if any, color and scent. While many scents do burn the same, there is the chance certain scents may require a larger wick. When using a new fragrance, it is always recommended to test burn the candle to make sure that the candle burns properly. Test burning should also include increased amounts of scent, which can impact the burning of the candle. You can use our Custom Wick Builder to create the perfect wick for any candle.

Why are there so many different types of recommendations on pouring temperatures?
A. Correct pouring temperatures vary greatly among wax suppliers. They vary depending on the wax used, and other procedures that may be recommended, such as heating the container or mold before pouring. Pouring temperatures also change depending on the type of mold, the desired finish, or the type of candle being made. With many of the one pours, natural waxes and candle gel, it is always best to pour within the recommended temperatures. For many candle makers, it's personal preference. With paraffin waxes, there are several things that occur, the hotter you pour (in most instances not over 200° F. ), the better the finish of the wax. However, pouring hotter will increase the shrinkage and can burn off the scent, if kept too hot for too long. On the other hand, most soy waxes you want to pour as low as possible to help. It may be best to try different pouring temperatures with your wax to see what generates the best results for your candles.
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We hope you enjoyed this issue of the En-Light-ener. Thank you for your continued interest and support. Our goal is to make this newsletter as entertaining and educational as possible. Let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve.
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