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July 29, 2016

Simple Ideas to Expand Your Candle Business

July 2016
It's hard to believe that summer is almost half over and the back-to-school advertisements will be dominating the airwaves. Depending on the candle market you are in – especially for some that are in a tourist area and participate in craft shows, the summer can be extremely demanding. For other candle manufacturers, the summer can be a slower time. We thought that, since summer has about reached its  half-way point, we'd offer some quick ideas to possibly improve your holiday season.

Many of these suggestions are simple ideas that will expand your candle business, and you may already have the raw materials on hand.
A big, holiday tradition for many downtown areas and neighborhoods is to line the streets with luminaries. One of the great things about the candles used in this application is that they do not necessarily have to be white or any specific color. They can be almost any color, because they are placed in a bag. What better way to use colored wax that does not meet your color specifications for other projects or that you had planned to use for a custom order that was canceled at the last minute?

In marketing your luminaries, consider calling event coordinators who may be interested in using them and offer to provide a discounted price in exchange for the opportunity to apply your label to the bags to advertise your company. Many downtown events are held in early December and may provide you with a chance for some last minute advertising. Luminaries can be used for outside parties as well.
These can be an easy project using any of the tray molds.

Basically, you are going to take a small rope, or even one of your wicks, and place both ends into the soap mold. Then pour your soap into the molds.

While we're on the subject of soap making, adding some unique bars of melt-and-pour soap that match your candle line can always bring in new customers and expand your product line.
Another great addition to any line would be tarts. Tarts easily can be made using the M-112 mold and do not require any type of wick. This size is perfect for letting customers test your fragrance without purchasing a candle, something that many people initially may be reluctant to do without knowing how the product can perform. Tarts can be placed in a potpourri burner and are a great way to "throw" fragrance without your actually having to light a candle. What is nice about tarts is that they don't use a lot of wax, so when you pour wax for your jars and have wax left over, you can pour the remaining wax into the tart molds. Tarts actually make great samples to take with you to retailers to show all of your scents without your having to carry around a large case of containers and/or pillars. To be even more unique, try out the floater molds to make your tarts. No wick is needed for these.
If you do a great deal of outdoor shows and craft shows, fire starters are always a nice little impulse purchase to offer. They can be made easily by taking some sawdust, placing it in a paper/cardboard cup (large ketchup holders work very well), and pouring wax into the cup. Use any wick. In fact, many times larger wicks work best. The user then can place this in the fireplace under paper and wood. Again what makes this a great is that you can use excess wax for the application.
One of the easiest ways to improve your candle line at any time is to add new fragrances. We also have written in the past that you even can do that with your existing fragrances. If you have a very good Pine Needle fragrance, rename it "Warm Holiday Memories." If you have a basic Apple Pie candle, perhaps you can add some Sugar Cookie and call the new scent "Fresh Baked Sweets." The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Consumers are always looking for something new, so it is always beneficial to update your line.
Another way to add value to your product line is to prepare custom gift baskets. Take several candles and add a tea, a hand-poured soap, some bath salts, and other items to a basket. Many of these extra items easily can be found on eBay, Amazon and other consumer sites. Or, if the volume is large enough, you can purchase many of these at wholesale outlets.
One other candle that can be added easily to most candle lines is an emergency candle. One of the best emergency candles can be a tin. In the tin, you can use almost any of your excess wax, because you are selling the functionality of the product and not the scent/color.
Why are there so many different types of molds for making pillar candles?
Hi. I'm Chandler.We like to narrow the selection to three basic materials: aluminum, polycarbonate and polyurethane. Each of these materials is good for certain types of candles.

Aluminum molds are great for making standard round and square candles. Available in standard sizes, they are seamless, are competitively priced, add a nice finish to the candle and generally allow the candle to release easily. However, due to tooling costs associated with producing aluminum molds, creating many different shapes and sizes is not practical.

Polycarbonate molds are great for creating candles in unique shapes and sizes. They are made of durable plastic and result in an excellent finish on the candle.

Polyurethane - This material is in the same family as silicone and is very well suited for novelty, figurine and custom candles. The most popular finished candles using polyurethane molds are tapers. They are available in lengths from 6-12 inches.
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