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March 23, 2017

Candle Making Trends: Color

March 2017
Candle Making Trends: Color
Many of us in the candle industry spend a great deal of time selecting, sniffing and discussing fragrances because it is one of the driving factors in consumers selecting a particular candle. However, color, in many instances, can be as important. Color can grab our eyes, alter our mood, beautify our surroundings, and evoke feelings of days long past. Some companies plan color trends three or four years in advance, and for bigger consumer items, they can take even longer. In the candle market, most of us compete in its best to wait for these trends to set in, and then adjust our colors based on other consumer products.

Color takes on several aspects when making candles it can be the actual finished candle or the label. If you don't have the proper color matched to the fragrance it may not inspire the customer to make that purchase. In addition many candles, especially pillars are purchased as a home décor and color is what they are looking for in that particular candle. The advantage of color is that it can be as easy as you desire or packed full of complexity as is exhibited by many of the large consumer product companies who are driven by process laden complex scientific formulas.

The organization which most large consumer companies look and rely on to help determine the latest trends in color is Pantone, Inc. Pantone, Inc. is the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industry. They are able to identify color trends well before they arrive on the "retail scene." These trends are extremely important to the textile, clothing, automobile and home accessory industries (the latter to which candles are a part of). It is imperative for these industries to be able to anticipate, well in advance, what color trends will evolve because of their very long lead times associated with bringing a new product to market. A tremendous advantage, for us being a smaller company than the goliaths, is that we can react immediately to changes and trends in the marketplace and instantaneously adapt, to provide new colors and fragrances inspired by these colors.

The Pantone 2017 Color of the Year: "Greenery," is a refreshing and revitalizing shade symbolic of new beginning. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green that evokes the first days of spring when nature roars back, with foliage and lushness only nature can provide. Greenery is natures neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.

A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of the personal passions and vitality. What makes this color even more dynamic is the fragrances that have been inspired by this return to natures fields and forest. Many of Candlewic’s new spring products reflect this honor bestowed upon Pantone Color of the Year.
Cucumber Mint Spritzer
Top Notes: Tart Granny Smith Apple, Ruby Grapefruit and Juicy Pineapple
Heart Notes: Red Currant, Kale Leaves and Hyacinth
Base Note: Coriander Seed, Apple Blossoms and Ming Fern
Avocado and Olive
Top Notes: Tuscan Olive, Creamy Haas Avocado and Citrus Peel
Heart Notes: Basil Leaf, Bosc Pear and French Lavender
Base Notes: Cyclamen Petals and Blonde Woods Musk
Prickly Pear and Palm
Top Notes: Prickly Pear, Valencia Orange and Fresh Island Air
Heart Notes: Starfruit Nectar, Ripe Kiwi and Dried Apricot
Base Notes: Moroccan Rose, Misted Palm Leaves and Cactus Flower
Moringa and Salted Melon
Top Notes: Salty Sea Air, Casaba Melon and Cucumber Water
Heart Notes: Moringa Leaves, Pineapple Juice and Sea Kelp
Base Notes: Oak Moss, Star Jasmine and Driftwood
The Spirits Collection
Another new line offered by Candlewic is the "The Spirits Collection."

As the market for spirits continues to grow, more complex and nuanced flavors are being developed and cocktail culture is inspiring new trends. Savory flavors and warming spices emerge as key trends for new spirits and liqueurs and offerings are moving beyond simple honey to deeper spice and smoke driven flavors. This line of new fragrances take these fully into account and are great for any candle line.
Whiskey and Jazz
Top Notes: Cider Brandy, Spike Amber and Clove Bud
Heart Notes: Tupelo Honey, Jazzberry, English Whiskey
Base Notes: Tobacco Flower, French Oak, Wine Cask
Midnight Lounge
Top Notes: Evening Iris, Blushed Suede Silver and Sword Leaves
Heart Notes: Cordoba Leather, Meukow Vanilla and Burgundy Saffron
Base Notes: Black Agarwood, Copper Patchouli and Caramel Cordial
Downtown Bourbon
Top Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Italian Bergamot and Heliotrope
Heart Notes: SVanilla Bourbon, Cigar Parlor and Amber Crystal
Base Notes: Cedar Woods, Burgundy Reserve and Textured Musk
Smoked Cognac
Top Notes: Black Myrrh, Dessert Brandy and Pure Cane Sugar
Heart Notes: Blanc Wine, French Cognac and Rosewood Noir
Base Notes: Spiced Tabac, Guaiacwood and Dark Frankincense
In some of the fragrance descriptions, you’ll see references to Top Notes, Heat Notes and Base Notes. What do they mean when it comes to selecting the right fragrance?
Hi. I'm Chandler.

Top Notes – The initial impact. The very first perceived part of a fragrance. It usually consists of citrus notes and/or light fruity or green notes. The top notes are the first to dissipate. (Examples of Top Notes: Aldehydes, Citrus, fruits, Herbs, Ozone)

Heart/Mid Notes – Predominant character. Middle notes emerge just before the top notes dissipate. They are the body of a fragrance and help cover the base notes that take time to develop their depth and richness. (Examples of Heart/Mid Notes: Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Spices)

Base Notes – Long lasting. The foundation of a fragrance, the base delivers the undertones that modify and enhance the layers above it. (Examples of Base Notes: Musks, Powders, Resins, Sweet, Gourmand, Woods)

The fragrances produced these days are much more complex than in the past and hopefully the new Candlewic fragrances will exceed your expectation.

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