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August 30, 2018

Another Summer in the Books

The 'En-Light-ener' Candle Making Newsletter
September 2018
For many households, the past several weeks have brought a number of emotions as the start of the school year is well underway for most students. The weeks leading up to the start of a new school year can be exciting for many as they await the next chapter of their lives.

Some candle makers have a tendency to back off from candle making during the summer months. Perhaps vacations and summer activities get in the way, or the extreme heat or lack of sales causes them to put things on hold.

With the start of school and unofficial end of summer, many will begin to ramp up production and prepare for the holiday season. To help with this preparation, we wanted to provide a checklist of things to revisit and/or make sure you are ready. Not to cause mass panic, but there are only 111 days until Christmas and 118 days until the end of the year. This list also provides links to previous Enlightener articles to research the specific subject for which you might need a refresher course.
Candle Wax Make sure you have selected the proper wax for your specific application. The good news is, there is still time to choose the proper wax in time for the fall season. In case you missed it, our May 2017 issue summarized many of the different types of waxes available.
Candle Fragrance Among the more exciting items candle makers like to choose are fragrances. According to the National Candle Association, three-quarters of all candles purchased are fragranced. A good-fragranced candle can make your company/product line a success. Fragrances have truly evolved, and a single-note fragrance like Strawberry has now become part of more complex fragrances such as Strawberries & Champagne Victoria's Secret Type. Several months back, we explored in a little more detail the evolution of fragrances.
Candle Color and Dye Although fragrance is fun, one of the more overlooked aspects of candle making is choosing the right color. Color is a very important aspect of your candle. When a candle is sitting on a shelf, the color may be the first feature to draw the consumer to your candle line. As the cliché goes, "You only get one chance to make a first impression."
Candle Wicks While all of the above are critical to making a very good candle, the most important item – and one that will really keep your customers coming back – is choosing the proper wick. This is a very important task, and, unfortunately, there really is not a shortcut or easy way to make this happen without some level of testing. The wick needs to be matched to your wax, color, and fragrance combination.
    Not only is the wick selection essential, even how the wick is placed in the jar can be important.
Candle Molds If you are making pillar candles, be sure to check out all of the various molds that are available. To help in understanding the differences among aluminum, polyurethane and the polycarbonate, be sure to check out our article from June 2018 on all of the different types of molds.
Candle Accessories For most kids, having the perfect outfit is not enough without "accessorizing." Candle making does not want to be left out, so we have own list of accessories that certainly can enhance your current candle making line.
Selling Candles Once you have learned how to make a nice candle, the next step is learning how to properly price the candle. For many small businesses, this can be the hardest part of the business, but it is necessary if you are going to take your hobby/crafting to the business level.
Chandler With the unofficial end of summer, and as your fall routine begins, we can’t think of a better time to take your candle making venture to the next level. The best resource we can think of is almost 17 YEARS of past Enlightener issues. All for Free!
Hi. I'm Chandler.
I see both color blocks and liquid candle dye are available to color my candles. Which one is best for me?
Both products are excellent choices. The batch size and ease and type of candles you are making will determine which method of coloring is best for you. The liquid dyes are always the most concentrated, making them the most cost-efficient product. Liquid dyes are best to use when making soy wax candles.

When mixing in small batch sizes, measuring out the liquid dyes can be difficult, because the measurement is based on drops as opposed to weight. The liquid dyes also can be messy when you’re trying to use them for smaller batches. In batch sizes of 50 pounds or more, and when making gel candles, liquid dyes are definitely the best way to go.

The color blocks are great to use when you’re mixing in smaller batch sizes. Each block will color approximately 12-15 lbs. of paraffin wax and about 6-9 lbs. of soy wax. When mixing in the 1-4 lb. range, you can use shavings, or swirl the block around in the wax to melt it. When you’re done, you can put the blocks back in the bag, making them easier to store and eliminating the need to deal with messy spills or bottles.
Shop Color Blocks
Shop Liquid Dye
One of the questions many people have when considering the use of palm wax is: "is the source using a member of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil)?" Our vendor is one of the charter members of this organization.
Making Palm Wax Candles
One of the ways to make totally unique candles involves using palm wax. Palm is a great, all-natural product. Although this is just an introduction to palm wax candles, think of all the other projects you can do, including layering unique shapes and aromatherapy scents. In today's market, we believe it is important to really explore all the opportunities available.
Palm Wax Candles
Materials needed for project:
Wick Wick
Any Alluminum Mold Any Aluminum Mold
Palm Palm Wax
Color Blocks Color Blocks
Fragrance Fragrance
Pouring Pot Pouring Pot
Candle Wax Wick Bar
Candle Wax Rubber Plugs
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