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2019 En-Light-Eners


Making Sense of Scents

March 06, 2019 | 2019 En-Light-Eners

When making that perfect candle, there are many components that must be matched up and used properly to optimize the performance of any candle. Buying the components and simply throwing them together can certainly make a good candle, but will it ensure best results? The answer is generally no, creating the best candle possible involves building a complete system and ensuring control through the entire process. Read More

Candle Making Trends

February 01, 2019 | 2019 En-Light-Eners

One of the most important things any company must do is to continue to meet changing customer demands in a fast-paced retail environment. Unfortunately, in the candle market, there can be multiple trends that must be monitored. Fragrances, the type of jars being used, colors, and in some cases the wax formulation, must continually be updated to offer the consumer the best possible product. Read More

Welcome 2019

January 03, 2019 | 2019 En-Light-Eners

Well, here we are already in 2019, and things seem to be off to a great start. I'm hoping everyone had a great holiday season. We're very excited to be offering our 18th year of publication of The Enlightener and are looking forward to introducing some great changes. Read More

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