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April 03, 2019

Naturally Natural + March Project Winner


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The 'En-Light-ener' Candle Making Newsletter
April 2019
Wax Wax Wax
These days there is no shortage of waxes available to the candle maker in fact choosing one can be a daunting task but once you begin to develop a sense of what you want it definitely helps narrow down the field on the best wax for your application.

When choosing the best wax for your project, there are many considerations. The first consideration has to be if you want to make a candle using a natural wax, paraffin wax or what many will call a hybrid. Generally a hybrid is a mixture of a paraffin type and any type of natural wax, the most common hybrid is generally a soy/paraffin blend.

The great thing about almost all candle waxes is that they are compatible with one another and you can mix various types of waxes together to create your own unique blend or rely on an already formulated product. The only exception would be the candle Gel this is a stand alone product and should not be used with any other waxes.

When choosing a natural wax, there are more choices than ever: soy, palm, beeswax, coconut oil wax and, now, coconut-apricot blend. The most popular natural wax these days is soy wax. Soy wax is domestically produced by U. S. farmers, the price point can be very attractive, no additives are required if using prescribed fragrance loads and best of all, with most containers, no topping off is required if you keep container size below 12 ounces +/-. Another benefit of soy wax is that it's sold in flakes, which makes it easy for measuring and handling.

Despite all these positive attributes, soy wax is not for everyone. Many that have used Soy are not always pleased with its ability to deliver quality fragrance throw for their candles. Using the proper processes and components, it's possible to produce candles that consumers will enjoy.

Most Soy wax can only be used to make container candles, not pillars or votives. There is a soy pillar wax available but should only be used for straight sided molds. Any type of corner can hold up the wax and not allow the finished candle to be taken out of the mold.

Another drawback to soy wax is that it has an extremely low melt point of 115-118°F, so shipping in warmer climates can be challenging if not unachievable.

For the right project, soy wax can be the perfect choice. In this issue we will explore the variety of choices available.

Soy Waxes for Container Candles

Candlewic Soy Wax 125
Candlewic Soy Wax 125
Soy Wax 125 is made with 100% natural soybeans that are domestically grown. Soy Wax 125 is a blend of soy and soybean oil that will hold higher fragrance loads than the Soy 120. Soy Wax 125 can be used without the addition of other ingredients but if you want higher fragrance loads, you might wish to consider adding either palm stearic or beewax to the blend for maximum performance.

Golden Wax 444 Soy Blend
Golden Wax 444 Soy Blend is composed of 98% soy wax with 2% natural additives. This wax mixes very well with paraffin wax. It has a higher melt point then the Golden Wax 464, which enables it to retain a higher FO load to give you a stronger scent throw.

Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax
Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend has a lower melt point which helps with the burn and offers better glass adhesion. This wax contains soy-based additives that are both natural and kosher. The soy-based additives enable the wax to be poured at a higher temperature, reducing frosting and increasing FO load.

Cargill's NatureWax® C-3
Cargill's NatureWax® C-3 is rapidly becoming a favorite among candles makers. This wax is fully formulated by Cargill to meet today's demand for wax that is 100% natural, but will hold more fragrance. This is considered a wax premium in the industry and will exhibit better glass appearance than other natural wax formulation, resulting in less waste material.

Coconut Apricot Candle Wax
Coconut Apricot Candle Wax is a natural candle wax that is delightfully blended with coconut and apricot. This truly unique blend has a melting point of 126°F, which produces rich and smooth candles with great container adhesion. This unique candle blend helps promote good burning characteristics, minimum smoking and sooting, when the wick is sized correctly. While this wax is not packaged in flake form, it is the next best thing and sold in 1-pound blocks that will easily fit into a 4-lb pouring pot. This wax is a very forgiving wax with a great fragrance throw.

Natural Waxes for Pillar Candles
The waxes featured thus far are only suited for container candles. If you would like to make pillar candles, then palm wax or beeswax are the best options for natural waxes. Both products may be used as single component, but if you want to include soy wax in the pillar candle, then you can mix soy wax with either of these products at fairly high level (ideally 40%+).

Crystallizing or Feathering Palm Waxes are complex blends of tropical oils that produce a beautiful, one-of-a-kind surface finish. Palm wax does require working at elevated temperatures and is ideally poured at 205-210°F, therefore, aluminum molds are recommended.

Soy-Paraffin Wax Blend
Candlewic Soy Wax 125
One of the growing trends in the candle market is to blend paraffin with soy waxes. This blend produces candles that include some natural ingredients, but with a better fragrance throw. Without doubt, the best wax for this application is the CBL-130. This is a unique blend of paraffin and soy that is designed for jar/container candles. This hybrid blend can offer single pour characteristics. The finish on these candles will be a smooth, soft and very opaque look, similar to pure soy wax.
Project Contest
On behalf of the Candlewic Company, we truly want to thank everyone for your wonderful submissions. You’ve continued to make the judging very difficult. All of the projects were outstanding, and, as we previously stated, if your project was not selected for this issue, it will remain in the pool for upcoming issues. We are also accepting projects on a monthly basis, so please always turn in any exciting project you may be working on. In case you did not see our mention about this previously, all projects selected in 2019 will win a $100 Candlewic gift card and will also be entered to win a $300 Candlewic gift card in December if that project is selected by our readers as the best project in 2019.  
Our second winner in the contest is:
Maria Powers
My name is Maria "Ibeth" Powers and I am a candle hobbyist. I started making candles 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I like to create unique whimsical designs. I specialize in pillar candles as they give me creative freedom to experiment. Here are a few of my other creations. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share my work with you.
Rainbow Tie-Dye Candle
Rainbow Tie-Dye Candle
• 6" square pillar mold
• #1 size cotton wick string
• Mold release spray
• Mold putty
• Glass measuring cup for mixing
• Temperature thermometer
• Digital scale
• 1 lb brick of Paraffin Wax
• (8) different colors of Wax Candle dye chips
• 2 ounces of fragrance oil
• # 1 size cotton wick
• 1 popsicle stick

Mold Prep:


Enter for a chance to be next month's winner!
  1. Create your project*
  2. Send your project submission with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions to:
  3. We’ll select a winner for that month to receive a $100 Candlewic gift card and publish the winner’s project in our newsletter!
Then, during the first week of December 2019, we will publish to our website the 10 selected projects contributed by readers and ask all of our readers to vote for their favorite project. The contributor of the winning project will receive an additional $300 Candlewic gift card!

Please keep in mind that, even if your project is not selected for the particular month in which you submitted it, we may use it for another month. We may also use it as a post on Facebook, Twitter or one of our other social media accounts. If we do that, you’ll receive a $30 Candlewic gift card. We’re looking for fun, unique and exciting projects that will appeal to many of our readers.
Example Project Formats:
Yummy Fall Soy Candles All Natural Beeswax Garden Flare Candles
Decorative Streak Candles Decorative Swirl Candles
Recycled Chunk Candles Snowball Candle
Send your project submissions to:
Deadline to be featured in the May En-Light-Ener : April 25, 2019.
Winner will be notified by April 28, 2019, and featured in our May issue.
*The submitted project cannot be one taken from a competitor's website or social media pages, cannot feature a competitor's products, and cannot include links to a competing vendor's site, social media accounts, or products.
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, Hi. I'm Chandler.
"How do I determine the burn time of my candle?"
One of the important elements when marketing a candle (besides the candle itself) is the burn time. Each candle company has different burning rates depending on the waxes used and the size of the wick. In order to properly determine the burn time of a candle, the following procedure should be used:

1. Light the candle and let burn for four hours. At the conclusion of this time, blow out the candle.
2. Wait one hour. Then trim the wick and relight for four additional hours.
3. Repeat this procedure until the candle is consumed.
4. Record how many hours you burned the candle.

This will give you a standard burn time at which you can market the candle. Many times consumers will let the candle burn continuously. This will not allow the candle to obtain the maximum burn time.

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