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January 03, 2019

Welcome 2019

The 'En-Light-ener' Candle Making Newsletter
January 2019
Welcome 2019!
Well, here we are already in 2019, and things seem to be off to a great start. I'm hoping everyone had a great holiday season. We're very excited to be offering our 18th year of publication of The Enlightener and are looking forward to introducing some great changes. You'll find a summary of some of the changes in this issue, but others will be forthcoming in future issues. In case you're concerned, Chandler is still with us, the projects (see how to win $100 in our project section) will continue to be part of the newsletter, and, of course, the featured article will remain. As we stress, this newsletter is for our readers, so, if there ever are any candle making topics of interest to you that we're not addressing, please feel free to reach out to us to let us know.
Project Contest
Enter for a chance to win a Candlewic Gift Card!
We truly thank all of our readers who have undertaken any of our projects and hope you have enjoyed success. This year, we are looking to you, the reader, to bring us your favorite projects! Beginning in February, we'll be looking for projects that you have created and would like to share with our readers.

We're hoping to make it simple and worthwhile for you.
  1. Create your project*
  2. Send your project submission with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions to:
  3. We'll select a winner for that month to receive a $100 Candlewic gift card and publish the winner's project in our newsletter!
Then, during the first week of December 2019, we will publish to our website the 10 selected projects contributed by readers and ask all of our readers to vote for their favorite project. The contributor of the winning project will receive an additional $300 Candlewic gift card!

Please keep in mind that, even if your project is not selected for the particular month in which you submitted it, we may use it for another month. We may also use it as a post on Facebook, Twitter or one of our other social media accounts. If we do that, you'll receive a $30 Candlewic gift card. We're looking for fun, unique and exciting projects that will appeal to many of our readers.
Example Project Formats:
Yummy Fall Soy Candles All Natural Beeswax Garden Flare Candles
Decorative Streak Candles Decorative Swirl Candles
Recycled Chunk Candles Snowball Candle
Send your project submissions to:
Deadline to be featured in the February En-Light-Ener : January 25, 2019.
Winner will be notified by January 28, 2019, and featured in our February issue.
*The submitted project cannot be one taken from a competitor's website or social media pages, cannot feature a competitor's products, and cannot include links to a competing vendor's site, social media accounts, or products.
Recent Concerns About Stolen Packages
By now, most people have read about the growing problem of shipped packages being stolen from recipients' doorsteps and front doors. According to the social network “Next Door,” complaints of this issue are up 500%. As more packages continue to be shipped, it will continue to be a problem. NBC news has a news video on this subject.

This is definitely a serious concern, as more and more commerce is being done online. There are many ways for a home-based business to minimize the issue. These days, there are some great “Smart Gadgets” that can help deter would-be thieves, but this will not solve the issue completely. Be sure to utilize the support and service of two of the main shipping services of UPS® and FedEx®. Both have services available that can not only help with this problem but also improve your delivery experience. Both programs are free, but the companies do offer premium services to optimize the experience. 

UPS My Choice®
offers two levels of membership — a free service that provides a core set of delivery-management features with enhanced services available on demand. Or, if you frequently receive shipments while you're away from home, consider becoming a Premium Member for even greater control. Because there is no charge for the first option, it's a program to definitely sign up for so that you'll know exactly where your packages are.
UPS My Choice
The FedEx® program to enhance your delivery experience is called FedEx Delivery Manager®. Registration and most features are free. Other services start at $5.25. You can view all the features and terms on the FedEx® website.
FedEx Delivery Manager
Both programs can be invaluable tools to help minimize missed deliveries and assist you in scheduling your production. Without doubt, dealing with shipping problems is a hassle you do not need.
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