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Pillar/Votive Candle Making Kit (Paraffin)

Pillar/Votive Candle Making Kit (Paraffin)
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Pillar/Votive Candle Making Kit (Paraffin)
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$32.44 per unit

Choose Your Own Fragrance Pack!

This exciting kit is a great introduction to make pillars, votives and floaters. The kit Includes: 5 lbs. of 4045H, 2 molds, 5 colors of different shades, 6 feet flat braided wicks, 2 15-hour votive molds, M-112 Floater/Tart Mold, 1 oz. of Vybar, and one 1 Fragrance Combo Pack you choose. You will also need Melting Pot (M-121A) and Thermometer (M-61) and a covered work surface.

1 Unit = 1 Kit + 1 Fragrance Combo Pack

Select a Size:

Kit with Fall Fragrances for $32.44
Kit with Baked Goods Fragrances for $32.44
Kit with Fruity Fragrances for $32.44
Kit with Floral Fragrances for $32.44
Kit with Summer Fragrances for $32.44

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