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Diffuser Bases

Our diffuser bases are liquids you use to mix with your fragrance to dilute the oil. Diluting the fragrance oil makes it thinner and gives it a boost to flow up the reeds and into the air. Combine our diffuser bases with one of our fragrance oils, diffuser bottles and lids and reeds to complete your reed diffuser.

Candlewic Reed Diffuser Base

Candlewic Reed Diffuser Base

Starting at $8.75 per unit
Candlewic’s diffuser oil is specially formulated to maximize the amount of fragrance oil that wicks up reed sticks.
Moderate evaporation rate for Reed Diffusers.

Diffuser Oil [80% ~ 90%]
Fragrance Oil [10% ~ 20%]
• Easy to Use
• Great Opportunity to expand product line
• VOC Compliant
• Phthalate-Free
• CA Prop 65 Compliant
• Environmentally Safe
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