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Overruns on Prewicks Assemblies and Inventory

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Check out our large selection of Overruns on Prewicks Assemblies and Inventory of raw wicking.

Paraffin Wax 140

Paraffin Wax 140

$60.00 per unit
This is a very good general purpose 140 straight paraffin (will require additives if putting more than 4% fragrance in the candle). We had the opportunity to purchase this at a very good price. If looking to make general pillars, votives and other free standing candles this wax would be perfect. This product is in 10 pound slabs with 5 slabs per carton. Good for many other applications outside of candle making.
Beeswax Sheets Sampler Pack

Beeswax Sheets Sampler Pack

$28.00 per unit

Candlewic manufactures sheets that are made of all natural 100% pure beeswax. The dimensions are 8" x 16". This package contains 10 sheets of various color and wick. This package is a RANDOM ASSORTMENT and color cannot be selected. Due to the clearance price, this item cannot be returned.
Bonus offering: project sheets and wick.

1 Unit = 1 Case

Candle grade only. Not edible.
SHIPPING and REFUND NOTICE: Due to the extremely fragile nature of beeswax sheets with cold temperatures, all beeswax sheets shipped between October 15th and April 1st will be shipped at your own risk. What this means is that we will not refund, credit, or reship to you, any beeswax sheet items shipped between October 15th and April 1st that arrive damaged. - Click here to learn more.
Zinc Cored Wick Spools

Zinc Cored Wick Spools

$0.60 per unit
Sections unwaxed.
Small (10 feet) = 34-40 zinc small containers/votives
Medium (8 feet) = 44-32-18 zinc medium size containers
Large (6 feet) = 51-32-18 zinc large size containers.
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