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Vybar 260

Vybar 260
Vybar 260
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Wax Additive for Container Candles - 130 degree F melt point. (Chips)
Used with paraffin waxes with melt points below 130 degrees F.

55 pound bag [A0080]
2 - 4
5 - 39

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1 pound bag for $4.75
5 pound bag for $21.50
55 pound bag for $228.00

Product Description

Vybar 103 & 260 provides a number of benefits to your candle but its defining purpose is fra-grance retention. Vybar allows you to obtain high fragrance loads without migration (eliminate mot-tling). It also is beneficial in achieving a more consistent product; it helps with uniform dye dispersion and a reduction in surface flaws. This will allow you to cut down the number of rejects, which in return can save you time and money. Usage is .5 to 2% by weight; amount of fragrance oil can change the recommended usage.

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