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Vybar 343

Vybar 343
Vybar 343
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Wax Additive for mottled candles and pillar candles. The latest development from the producers of Vybar 103 and vybar 260 this product is intended to allow more scent to be placed in a mottled candle without "bleeding". This product allows for linear release of the scent from the wax. In most applications 1 % usage levels will acheive desirable results. Note: This product will not take a non-mottling wax and make it mottled, but is intended to enhance the mottling while allowing for more fragrance to be added.

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Product Description

Vybar 343 is the newest member of the Vybar family and is a must for the production of mottled candles. This product allows you to increase the amount of fragrance you can add to your mottled candles. Typically the maximum amount of fragrance you could add to your candle would be 6%. Fragrance loads much above that will have the tendency to migrate right out of the wax causing an unwanted sweating candle. This product enables you to achieve the 7-8% frangrance loads without the fragrance sweating out of the candle.

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