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CocoNut Soy Wax

CocoNut Soy Wax
CocoNut Soy Wax
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100% natural renewable wax that is a fully formulated ready to go wax. It’s a unique high-performance blend of coconut and soy glycerides that will offer you true and rich colors in your candles. This wax is recommended for container and jar candles only.

• Single pour characteristics
• Excellent jar adhesion
• Fat blooming/frost reduction
• Vibrant coloring
• Reduced smoking, soot and mushrooming if wick is sided corrrectly

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CocoNut Wax Soy 50lb Cube for $83.00
CocoNut Wax Soy 1lb Block for $2.50

Product Description

Ingredient Statement: Hydrogenated Vegetable glycerides

Melting Temperatures: 120° F (+/-5°F)
Pouring Temperatures: 150° F (+/-10°F)
Fragrance Loads: 5-10%
Cooling: Ambient (70-75°F)

CocoNut Soy wax contain ingredients that come from coconut. There are no commercially available varieties of coconut that have been genetically modified (“GM”) via recombinant DNA. CocoNut Soy wax also contains ingredients that come from non-identity preserved soybeans. Although genetically-engineered soybeans are used to produce this wax the qualitative PCR test results for the CocoNut Soy wax products have been ND (non-detectible).

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