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Soy Wax (Soy-120) for Container Candles

Soy Wax (Soy-120) for Container Candles
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Soy Wax (Soy-120) for Container Candles
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Candlewic's, domestically grown, soy based natural wax. The best price on the market. This product has been specifically designed for use in containers.

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50-pound case [W6053]
5 - 9
10 - 35

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Product Description

This all natural wax is a good wax to use for containers, tins and ceramic crocks. This product is commonly referred to as all natural, biodegradable and is in the same "family" as palm waxes. This wax is truly a one pour, with good adhesion to the glass and very good scent throw.

This product is manufactured meeting FDA and Kosher standards. Soy-120 can be used without the addition of other ingredients but Candlewic recommends adding either palm stearic or beewax to the blend for maximum performance. The additions of these products will help with the overall quality of the waxes and will help the waxes hold and disperse higher fragrance loads.

Wax Blend Consistency: Soft
Fragrance Capacity: 3%
Candle's Finish: Creamy Qpaque
Pouring Temp (°F): (110-150)°
Melting Point (°F): 119°
Product Data Sheet (PDS): Download Soy-120 PDS
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Download Soy-120 MSDS

Recommended wicks for this wax
Wedo's RRD series wicks with the NST 2 treatment are recommended.


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