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Yellow Beeswax

Yellow Beeswax
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Yellow Beeswax
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Beeswax is secreted by worker bees and is found on all continents of the globe. Our material is filtered and in pastille form. The largest single use of beeswax is in the production of church candles. Beeswax has very little shrinkage and will help to increase burn time. Square braided wicks are the most effective wicks for use with beeswax. Beeswax can be used 5-20% as an effective wax modifier with paraffins and 100% soy waxes.

55 Pound Bag [W6034]
2 - 5
6 - 39

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Product Description

Natural Yellow beeswax in pastille form.

Color: Yellow
Melting Point (°F): 140-149
Acid Value: 17-24
Saponification Value: 89-103

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