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5" Dipping Ring

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$25.00 per unit
Heavy-duty, light aluminum metal frames. Easy adjustments to height of 1" to 15". Special rods are available for up to 36". Makes 5 pairs of tapers at a time.

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5" Dipping Ring for $25.00

Product Description

This solid aluminum, light-weight dipping wheel allows you to easily make hand dipped tapers connected together at the tops (one pair). Candle makers who do sculptured candles can use their different color wax tanks to layer in color for carving. After wicking, you can dip into any wax container that will allow the unit to fit without spilling wax over the side. This unit is 5" in diameter and allows you to color dip in tanks 7" x 7" and larger. This unit is great for beeswax hand dipped tapers. Fits onto hook on any aluminum carousel wheel or hook arrangement. It contains an 18" long rod, top hook and connectors and top and bottom rings. Grooved wick slots to loop wick over. Solid light weight aluminum frame with threaded center hole. Strong hub and spokes for long lasting use. Connection allows frame to turn when wicking.

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