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Button Heart Shape Mold Tray

Button Heart Shape Mold Tray
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Button Heart Shape Mold Tray
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$117.79 per unit
A great way to produce large quantities of scented wax buttons.

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Button Heart Shape Mold Tray for $117.79

Product Description

So easy to use. Just heat the wax to 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit, then add the fragrance to melted wax and 1-1/4" lbs of wax into the tray. Spread wax to fill holes and let harden. In approximately 15 to 20 minutes, roll the mold back and the wax buttons will fall out. These molds are made of polyurethane which offers elasticity and can be used to make thousands and thousands of buttons. These are production molds and no mold release is required. Excessive amounts of fragrance can cause cracking.

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