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RRD Series Wick Spools

RRD Series Wick Spools
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RRD Series Wick Spools
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Available in 4 oz. Rolls and Large Rolls. The Large Rolls are an average of 2.2 lbs.

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4 oz. roll 411 ft/roll RRD-29 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 351 ft/roll RRD-34 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 326 ft/roll RRD-37 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 266 ft/roll RRD-40 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 258 ft/roll RRD-47 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 242 ft/roll RRD-50 for $9.62
4 oz. roll 221 ft/roll RRD-55 for $9.62
2.2 lb roll 3617 ft/roll RRD-29 for $64.89
2.2 lb roll 3089 ft/roll RRD-34 for $63.28
2.2 lb roll 2871 ft/roll RRD-37 for $62.63
2.2 lb roll 2343 ft/roll RRD-40 for $62.01
2.2 lb roll 2270 ft/roll RRD-47 for $61.40
2.2 lb roll 2132 ft/roll RRD-50 for $60.71
2.2 lb roll 1940 ft/roll RRD-55 for $60.37

Product Description

This is a directional round wick with a cotton core and tension threads. It is designed to improve the burning of solid scented, solid colored votive and container candles and comes with either the "C" or NST 2 treatments. This series with the NST 2 treatment works very well in natural waxes.

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