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CD Series Wick Spools

CD Series Wick Spools
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This wick is available only in 4 oz. rolls.

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4 oz. roll 198 ft/roll CD-20 for $18.12
4 oz. roll 300 ft/roll CD-22 for $18.12
[WR1764 ]
4 oz. roll 465 ft/roll CD-2 for $19.25
4 oz. roll 438 ft/roll CD-3 for $19.25
4 oz. roll 406.5 ft/roll CD-4 for $19.25
4 oz. roll 342.75 ft/roll CD-5 for $17.82
4 oz. roll 322.5 ft/roll CD-6 for $19.25
4 oz. roll 306 ft/roll CD-7 for $19.25
4 oz. roll 279 ft/roll CD-8 for $17.87
4 oz. roll 255.75 ft/roll CD-10 for $17.87
4 oz. roll 240.75 ft/roll CD-12 for $17.87
4 oz. roll 225.75 ft/roll CD-14 for $16.50
4 oz. roll 210 ft/roll CD-16 for $16.50
4 oz. roll 195 ft/roll CD-18 for $16.50

Product Description

The CD wicks are a specialty wick with interwoven paper threads. This wick will offer you increased rigidity and will improve the burns of solid scented, solid colored container and pillar candles. This wick is recommend for paraffin based waxes but has been found to be effective in gel and natural waxes.

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