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Coconut Oil Wax Blend

Coconut Oil Wax Blend
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  • 100% Natural Coconut Oil Wax Blend with excellent fragrance throw both hot and cold
  • The candle blend helps promote good burning characteristics, minimum smoking and sooting
  • Excellent Adhesion to the side of glass jars
  • An easy to use candle wax, just open the package, gradually melt, mix and pour
  • This natural wax is recommended for containers only
  • Select a Size:

    1lb Block for $4.15
    40pk - 40 - 1lb. Slabs individually wrapped for $130.00
    46lb Case Coconut Oil Wax Blend for $109.00
    6 pack (6-1lb blocks) Coconut Oil Wax Blend for $23.50

    Product Description

  • Melt Point of 126 degrees F
  • Pour Temperature of 140 degrees F
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