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Purple -- Highly Concentrated Liquid Dye

Purple -- Highly Concentrated Liquid Dye
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Purple -- Highly Concentrated Liquid Dye
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EVO Dyes:
These new and improved EVO dyes are newly formulated with the liquid component being manufactured using vegetable oils or ingredients extracted from vegetable oils. These new formulations are now Prop 65 and REACH Compliant, virtually free of insoluble matter, concentrated, Easily mixes with all colors to create new shades. These dyes have excellent solubility in all waxes as well as good light, heat and chemical stability

Usage in waxes:
Light Shades 0.001%-0.005%
Medium Shades .01-.05%
Dark Shades .15%-.2%

Most colors have been matched but should do some preliminary testing to ensure the consistency is the same.

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1 oz. for $4.50
4 oz. for $12.00
1 lb for $28.00
25 lb. for $600.00
[EVO-16-LB-25 (Special Order)]

Product Description

EVO dyes are compatible with most waxes including paraffin, soy, palm, gels and blended waxes.

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