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Granny Smith Apple & Kale Fragrance Oil

Granny Smith Apple & Kale
Granny Smith Apple & Kale
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Good for Paraffins & Natural Waxes
 - Good for Paraffins and Natural Waxes
Skin Safe
 - Skin Safe
Phthalates Free
 - Phthalates Free
Vanillin Free
 - Vanillin Free

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Product Description

Top; Tart Granny Smith Apple,Ruby Grapefruit, Juicy Pineapple
Middle; Red Currant, Kale Leaves, Hyacinth
Bottom; Coriander Seed, Apple Blossoms, Ming Fern

“To the best of our knowledge the following fragrance contains intentionally added or naturally occurring chemicals that are listed on CA Prop 65.”

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